Philippe Servain
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Philippe Servain

Imagine Paris. Imagine its cafés, its singers, its cabarets, its immutable romanticism and its unchanging soul. Now imagine its flagship instrument, one of those that make the identity of a whole city: is it any other than the accordeon and its infinite breath? Philippe Servain has made this instrument his signature.
Main catalyst of Philippe Léotard's texts for 18 years, Philippe Servain shows himself to be a melodic poet through the dramatic Cinéma of the powerful author. Pluridisciplinary, our composer also knows how to embrace the costume of the fiery Iberian during his compositions for Claude Lelouch's " La Belle Histoire ".
In the documentary film "Bernard Dimey, poet and why not? "by Dominique Regueme, the composition here is just as poignant, personal and moving, highlighting a delicate story through an orchestration based on piano, strings and accordeon, spearheading a style recognizable among all.
A multi-faceted artist, our accordionist shines in eclectic styles, but all touched by a similar grace, the passionately intimate mark that Philippe Servain transmits to the works on which he puts his signature.

  • Il y a des des lunes
    Il y a des des lunes
  • La belle histoire
    La belle histoire
  • Les misérables
    Les misérables
  • Tout ça...pour ça!
    Tout ça...pour ça!
  • Les fauves
    Les fauves
  • Peau d'ange
    Peau d'ange


"Les Misérables du xxème siècle" -  Claude Lelouch

"La Dérive" - Antonio Cunia Tellès

"Tout ça pour ça !" - Claude Lelouch

"La belle Histoire" - Claude Lelouch

"Il y a des jours... et des lunes" - Claude Lelouch

"Les Fauves" - Jean-Louis Daniel

"Peau d'ange" - Jean-Louis Daniel

Credits of "Moi Je" - Hervé Nisic for Pascale Breugnot


Documentaire « Bernard Dimey, poète et pourquoi pas ? » Dominique Regueme

"Le ministre et le saltimbanque” - Thierry Zirnheld and Dilip K. Varma

Short movies

"Sacrés coeurs" - Nathalie Jeanselle - Original soundtrack

"Un Noël de chien" - Nadine Monfils - Original soundtrack


"Soleil bleu" - AVRILL - Composition

"Lady Blue" - Jonathan Kerr - Realization, orchestration and performer

"Le chant des 4000" - Author and performer

"Demi mots amers" with Philippe Léotard

Philippe Léotard "Léo chante Ferré" - Composition

"Naked" des Talking Heads - Participation on the album as accordeonist


"La guerre des boutons" - Reprise for 12 musicians and 4 singers



"Les danseurs du Mozambique" - Philippe Lefebvre - Original soundtrack

"Un amour de village" - Thadé Piasecki - Original soundtrack


"Moi Je" - Hervé Nisic for Pascale Breugnot

"Premier service", credits for France 3 with the agency Point du Jour

"La météo de TF1", broadcasted for five years

"Espace francophone", TV show on France 3
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